Louis Van Gaal as Barcelona’s manager and José Mourinho, the assistant coach in 1998. 

Impressed by Mourinho’s work on positional play, Van Gaal allowed him to give tactical advice at half-time and to coach the team in friendlies. As he became increasingly confident, Van Gaal found “an arrogant young man, who didn’t respect authority that much, but I did like that of him. He was not submissive, used to contradict me when he thought I was in the wrong. Finally I wanted to hear what he had to say and ended up listening to him more than the rest of my assistants.”

The two left Barcelona in 2000 but remained personal friends and professional rivals. Next crash ahead; Chelsea VS Manchester United on 26 October.

Levantando Vuelo (by JavierAndrés)


“I was born in the wrong generation!” I scream as I churn my own butter and marry my cousin


el clasico, are you ready?



when people say “i dont believe in science”

what are you even talking about