"Those female celebrities are sluts for having nude pics on their phone."



this thing about the recent celebrity’s leaked nudes is the age old problem that men have, - “consent”. Be it rape or this violation of privacy, they simply can not grasp the most fundamental right of human being, consent. It’s not about nudity. So stop the feminism, ‘omg your body is beautifuL, no shame’ horse ‘cause this is not the time for it. it’s very simple. Taking a nude photo of oneself doesn’t imply consent it to be leaked to the public. How hard is it to understand. No explanation is enough to counter these idiots, “So what? But she look nice! But she took the pictures herself!” etc.


 30 Days of Prince Harry

Day 17 : Harry & Polo.



The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

I don’t agree. There’s a really good one of her holding an oscar while giving the finger. 


20 year old Princess Elizabeth, in her sitting room at Buckingham Palace, July 19, 1946 -

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Informal infographic depicting evolution 


Prince Albert, future George VI, aged 16.

Photo taken at Balmoral, c1912. From the Royal Collection.


White Northern Lights in Finland